Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Holiday Siquijor Beach

Beautiful beach bounded by volcanic caves and outcroppings at either end. No waves so playing in the surf was not an option - but this made for great snorkeling in the coral reef marine sanctuary off the beech.

Pool to beach - nice proximity. Coconut palms everywhere - thus the name of the resort.

No idea what this tree/fruit? is.

"Hang out raft" and yellow kayaks - made good use of both.

The girls found a coconut and buried it in a sand cone. Then they found one that had sprouted and used it to cap their coconut cone creation - very proud of their accomplishment.

One of the biggest challenges  - actually the only challenge other than deciding what to get for dinner - was to keep the kids from getting too much sun. They are in it all day and we go through great lengths to keep them pasty pale - but not an easy task. Emmerson had to opt for the t-shirt look and Morraine and /Fleur with the white sunscreen mask. Kiana's mom is Indo so is an expert on keeping the sun from getting at her girls.

A bit of drama on the last day. Some newcomers to the beach appropriated the girls coconut creation and were not being very nice to it. Ada was in tears. It was our last evening and I was not about to go to battle with the incoming parents so gave Ada a soothing talking to about beach creations and she seemed to accept the inevitableness of this reality. She asked if I would take one final photo of her with the creation in the background - still a bit teary eyed - poor Ada.

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