Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Holiday Siquijor Emmerson SCUBA

Emmerson and her friend Morraine from school who was also at the place took a SCUBA lesson for kids not old enough to get their junior diving certificate. She got the basics in shallow water, getting use to the respirator, how to clear the mask and such and then swam out to about ten feet over the corral reef and dove for about 20 minutes. She stayed submerged with the instructor the entire time and said she had a blast. We had been out snorkeling quite a bit prior to this so she was used to using a mask and breathing through her mouth while under water.

Coconut Grove has a large, protected, marine sanctuary off its beach and the corral and sea life is quite good for a reef so close to shore. Certainly convenient and a great chance to introduce kids to corral reefs and diving a such. Really nice perk of the Coco Grove resort.

Getting the basics.

Working the respirator.

Letting air out of the vest to decrease bouancy in prep for the dive.

There she goes .... going ...

going ....

going ... and then she disappeared from our site as she and the instructor went out and explored the reef.

Reemerging after the dive.

Mask face - along with goofy ear pressure for a few days and water coming out of your nose long after the dive - all part of the experience.

 One of the dive boats used for island day trips and large dive groups.

One of the starfish in the sandy grassy area between the beach and the corral. This was the scariest part about snorkeling for the kids - getting out through this stuff ... several sea snakes were sited in this area but it was more the feeling of brushing up against it that creeped out the girls ... and lots of others!

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