Wednesday, July 20, 2016

VBS in the Cave!

Vacation Bible School this year was a cave theme. Of course, Grace Lutheran did a fabulous job of  transforming several parts of the church into a "cave".  Emmerson worked for the service crew which make sure things are in running order each day. I think she enjoys being behind the scenes but involved. Ada, if I recall correctly, was in the Mammoth Cave group. 

It was 9 - 12 each day and since I am on full on Dad duty this summer, I would drop them off and then go and run in the forest preserves that are unique to this section of suburbs, which I "enjoyed" as much as I can enjoy running. At least it was a different venue.

Girls dressed appropriately for Friday crazy attire day!

And appropriate faces for the event.

A part of the transformation of the church - the chancel/pulpit area (depending on which part of history you want to apply to this particular area) turned into to the interior of a cave. 

Emmerson dutifully posing. Thank you dear child of mine.

And the random event ... seems like this is becoming rather frequent ... Emmerson got her first baby sitting gig. Her mission was to watch over one of our neighbor children as she made her way to the Y for swim lessons, participated in the lesson, and made her way home. Emmerson took all of this very seriously and hopefully she will continue in this pursuit. 

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