Friday, July 15, 2016

Cheeto Challenge and Po Making a Statement

Pretty sure in another recent post that I addressed the seeming reality that Burger King has thrown in the towel with even attempting to appear somewhat healthy with their options and are actually going the other direction. Thus the Cheetos Challenge - Cheeto encased Mac and cheese. At least this is what I am imagining. So here we go with our take on the Cheeto mac and cheese. Unfortunately, I am not sure why the video doesn't just appear without some downloading and such. Anyway - I will try and reiterate what was stated in the vid. 

Says it all!

So we made a video but it doesn't seem to pop up when you click on it. I think it can be downloaded from the site if you are so inclined to do so but here are basics of the tasting (I think we got the tech difficulty worked out). I stated that basically, it would best be enjoyed at 2 a.m. in large quantities but other wise, I would avoid it, really, and I eat pretty much anything. The girls see - sawed a bit as to their take but ultimately, both said it was ok but they would most likely not get it again. 

BUT we had a conversation about why in the world would BK come up with such a creation and here was my response.  There are 320 million people in the US and a lot of them get fast food. Even folks like me who don't eat at such fine establishments as the King,  might just be attracted to trying such a creation as a Cheeto mac and cheese. So I tried it and will never try it again and most likely will not go back to BK again until another road trip or something way down the road. BUT if there were enough folk in my mind set to go ahead and give the Cheeto treat a try - reality is that they most likely ordered supplements to the treat and perhaps a drink. And there you go, one visit like myself, just to try the Cheeto temptation, fisted over about 10 dollars to the King. So lets suggest that 1 million people did what I did - thats at least 10 million for the King for creating some ridiculous option that cost most likely cents. Reality, probably way the hell more than 1 million were curious and gave it a try - even if it is a complete flop and off the menu soon, still some solid cash - so good on you BK for working the system and coming up with what you did. 

And for so many reasons that is wrong but I am sure you can figure it out. 

On a brighter note, there is a zip line course set up in one of the forest preserve parks near where we live  a Emmerson is full on all about this so good. 

Emmerson's shirt. Big pizza fan.

And yes, yes, many years ago, in a place far, far, far, away, myself.

And Po was like ... the @#$%#@$% with you all leaving again without me!!!

That's right !@!#$^&$!!!!


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