Sunday, July 10, 2016

Road Trip Part 3: Tennessee Lake Living

Tennessee lake living compliments of the Great Depression and FDR's attempt to get us out of it with the WPA and CCC. Hence the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) massive project of damming the Tennessee River and other rivers in the watershed in an attempt to provide jobs, control flooding and generate electricity. Now, the lakes created by the dams provide for some absolutely lovely lake living. Thanks to Brandon's mother and father in laws hospitality, we were able to enjoy this little known part of the US.

Dam on the Tennessee River that creates a lake extending some 30 miles or so back to Knoxville.


Do need to clarify that this was NOT in Tennessee but in one of those beach stores in Myrtle Beach that sells an amazing variety of merchandise including quite a collection of "colorful" t-shirts. 

Oh my, Burger King has simply thrown in the towel as far as trying to accommodate those in the US clamoring for more healthy fast food options.  They have pretty much said the hell with it and are going the other way - we are fast food, unhealthy so might as well embrace it. An obligatory selfie of their latest creation.

While out walking around the lake community, we came across this cemetery plot with gravestones dating back to the 1700's.  I gathered from the names that it was most likely a family plot on land still owned by the family. The communities around this particular lake were quite developed with lake, lake view and winter lake view (really) options and tastefully constructed and landscaped. 

Standing on the shore of one of the undeveloped plots of lake front. 

Good view of various boat houses and my chest sweat just starting to appear. 

Guess what day it is??? My wedding anniversary! We make the girls dress up like this to appropriately show their appreciation for the significance of the day.  Good job girls and I do appreciate the gesture.

Happy anniversary daddy!

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