Thursday, July 07, 2016

Indiana: Trip to the Duell Compound.

My thoroughly enjoy going to the Duell's in Indiana. Three families of relatives live in the same housing complex and one with an in ground pool. The houses have plenty of indoor and outdoor space amongst them and the girls get to roam freely from house to house and situation to situation with their "cousins" (a time or two removed?).

Two happy critters at Aunt Carries house. 

Ada enjoying the new pup in her swim suit which is pretty much de rigueur attire at the compound. 

Some impressive "reverse planks" - quite the combination of words. If asked when in high school what I thought a "reverse plank" move was, I wonder how I would have responded. 

Always good eats at Uncle Bob and Aunt Janes.

A happy selfie showing off her updated braces. She opted for aqua marine and sea green in prep for our upcoming trip to Myrtle Beach. She has been rockin the wild child look these days - which I like. 

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