Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Americana II: the County Fair

I am not sure if this was an actual county fair or the city of Monroe (Swiss cheese capital of the US!!) fair. I think it was the latter or else it would be the Green County fair, of which Monroe is the county seat. Good deducing ... or is that inducing .... getting back into school mode (it's deduction). The girls loved it - plenty of cool farm stuff, scary rides (for reasons not necessarily related to the designed purpose of the rides) fair food, and interesting people. The farm stuff was my favorite. The girls liked the rides - for the most part. A few of the rides were of your typical spinny variety but took on a certain carnivalesque quality that made them scary. One such was actually painful. It spun around so fast that the g-forces smashed Emmerson against me, me against the side of the "capsule" and my right hip against a large bolt extending into the capsule compartment. The smile on my face morphed into a grimace by the end of the ride. After a few more of such rides, the girls opted for those of a tamer variety like the potato sak slide. 

Ada enjoying life!

I really like big farm machines, because they are cool. Actually, farming has become a growing interest of mine as one of my favorite topics of study is the global food situation, and the food industry in the US is quite intriguing.

 A super cool John Deere tractor.

Super cool John Deere other farm thing. 

Tractor - and yes, there was a tractor pull which the girls were quite curious about. 

One of those farm things that farmers do farm stuff with.

Could certainly do some damage with this super cool farm thing.

Calves, Ada still somewhat tentative about large animal but she is gradually growing in confidence.

Shorn sheep in their pink post sheering outfits. The purpose of the outfits, other than the obvious that they look fabulous??? ....

... in addition to the powerful fashion statement, the coverups provide the sheep's protection from flies, skeeters and other annoying skin irritants. 

Big ole dairy cow whose milk most likely went strait into the production of a fried cheese curd. I have written and spoken several times about these culinary creations and they are now on my growing "list of things I will never eat for random, not really important reasons" (such as french fries because Belgium beat the US in the WC and I was really ticked and in a moment of stupid male sports fan fervor swore them off for life and made the mistake of including this in the text conversation I was having with cousins Nate and Josh who will definitely hold me accountable to this). The third item on the list is Krispy Kreme doughnuts for obvious reasons.

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