Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Great Piece of Americana: Brookfield, IL Fourth of July Parade

The girls marched in the parade with their girl scout pack. Not to sound too ... whatever the word is ... but the parade was a great venue for showcasing what is unique about the US. Sure it is messed up with lots of division but the parade had lots of patriotic stuff interspersed with plenty of ethnic and socioeconomically diverse paraders which demonstrates quite well the what makes the US a pretty cool place.

Always a fitting start to a 4th parade.

Ada in her 4th finery. 

Emmerson and Sydney somewhere between the 4th and Mardi Gras.

 Seems like a drum and pipes corp has become a traditional part of most 4th parades.

The Bolivians in force - celebrating their heritage and county.

Bolivian dance ensemble.

Kid on a really tall bike - I have seen him out and about randomly riding the streets of Brookfield but he has a support group of like minded officianato's of extendo bikes in the parade.

Chopper, extendo, flag, bike man

Solid patriotism on display in the 8 corners traffic circle memorial. 

Cultural diversity?? and a bit of commercialism - both very much a part of what makes the US, the US. The Irish Times restaurant and bar float. 

And a bit of blatant commercialism - the Brookfield car wash express - which is actually a great place for a car wash. The vacuums are free and the auto wash is pretty cheap. 

The Boy Scouts representing.

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