Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Oregon Part II: the Beach

We took a day trip out to the beach which included about an hour ride thru the wild and wooly forests of the coastal range. Lush, lush landscape refreshingly beautiful. The beach was fogged over, which I actually like. Unfortunately there were number of nice beach breaks being surfed so I simply stood on the beach and lusted for a while. Once I got over that, we full on experienced all you can do at a northwest coast without actually going in the water. The highlight, besides getting Willy to fetch the nasty sand covered tennis ball, was the massive 500 ft sand dune and fabulously shaped sandstone cliffs that broke up the stretches of sandy beaches.

Big tree. This is lumber country so most of the forest is not old growth but still some trees reach an impressive girth. 

Many of the trees were "wooly" which gave the forests a Tolkienesque feel, or at least how I imagine his forests. 

Glad to see the area being used by outdoor enthusiasts. Not sure how I feel about camping as most of my experiences have been rather rustic and more often than not, wet - and to camp properly it seems to take a lot of equipment, and I am not an equipment guy - thus the rustic wetness. But I liked what I saw in the campsite where we stopped.

More of a longboard break but there were some short borders. This was booties and hoodies weather for sure but there were quite a few guys and gals out.

Willy in his element. Impressive how much sand a dog can ingest without doing damage, almost as much as a teething baby at the beach.

Beach girls, Oregon coast style.

Firing up for the dune climbing venture.

It's hard to perceive verticality in a picture, but this was steep. Nana and Ada are closest to the foreground and Emmerson is a bit of the ways up on the left waving.

Emmerson scampered up the dune but it took the rest of us a bit more exertion to accomplish the task. She stood at the top cheering us on - here is Ada on her summit approach.

Dune top view.

On the summit looking down the other side of the dune towards the wind and wave carved sandstone cliffs.

Summit pose.


Goofing on the dune. Ada acquired in her swim suit almost as much sand as Willy consumed as she skooted down much of the dune.

Enjoying life.

Acquiring more sand.

Come on - get up there dense girl.

This might have been my curtain call of lifting Emmerson right up over my head. It was a struggle getting her up there. The rather precarious position didn't help with the psychological confidence I needed for the lift - that's what I'm blaming it on. 

Bit easier.

I think they were hugging more out of fear of the crashing waves and/or the cold than sisterly love in these next few shots.

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