Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Oregon Part I: the Bell Compound

I took the girls out to visit the big cousins out in Oregon. Ardis and EC were great hosts and the girls had a great time basically watching their big cousins due 15, 17, and 21 year old guy stuff - eating lots of curious things at anytime of the day or night, impressing with video game skills (especially that building Mind Craft one), water polo, and just being funny and big and cool. The home compound is in Newburg, Orland just outside of Portland. Really nice to see this part of the US after being in the tropics and Chicago. Beautiful hills and all around scenery.

I made myself useful and cooked up some fried rice for the crew. Notice Emmerson has already launched into her food. She eats like she is perpetually famished.

View from the back deck - loved it.

Girls in full hot tub mode while Ardis watches over them.

Message from my Grandpa Lewis inscribed on the inside roof of the doll house he made for Ardis when she was a little girl. My Aunt Marie made all the interior furnishings. The girls loved playing with this. They dragged all of Hannah's little play critters out of her closet and incorporated them into the house experience.

Eggo's and a vintage playhouse - quite a morning.

Thru a small door in the girl's upstairs bedroom they discovered the attic crawl space where the boys Lego collection was stationed. The girls braved the heat to investigate.

EC's aunt and uncle live nearby and have two pet goats and a llama. Ada is still unsure about critters - we have to remind ourselves that from her vantage point, they are huge and rather intimidating.

Emmerson is a full on animal fanatic. She was a bit tentative but her curiosity won out and she eventually fed very friendly goat.

... and then the llama.

This was great running country and my sleep schedule was just goofed up enough so I woke up every morning by 6 am and enjoyed a nice cool run in a new and exciting scenic venue. I hooked up with Nana and the girls on a morning walk with Willy. Ada was rather terrified of Willy for a few days but he is a great dog and super laid back so by the end of the trip Ada was a huge fan. 

This hill is where I ran a few times. Multiple farms, including one with a nice sized llama herd, covered the hillside.

Llamas from the herd.

A medieval cathedral style maze that has a name which I have forgotten. It is located in a nice trailed area near the house where they walk Willy. It was funny to see Willy follow along doing the maze.

Blackberries grew wild everywhere, literally. After my runs I would just graze berries for breakfast.


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