Monday, August 04, 2014

A Few Random Leftovers

I took a few photos on my phone over the summer that don't really fit in with the other posts.

Summer upkeep began the last week of school in June. amazing to see what they can do with bamboo scaffolding.

Interesting food item.

We spent most of our summer back and forth between Freeport and Brookfield. We still have our house in Brookfield but is is pretty much empty - no furniture, TV, internet so ended up kind of camping out with blow up beds and a few lawn chairs for furnishings. This made watching the World Cup a bit of a challenge and I ended up watching most of the matches at a bar in Brookfield. Alicia and I ventured downtown Chicago to watch the US play Germany and this venue was a good one to view the game. 

Chicago was fogged in on this particular day. After the game we ate lunch at Rick Baylesses tortas shop which is a great place for quality Mexican food.

Back in Manila - Emmerson getting xrays so the orthodontist can figure out if she needs any hardware in the next year.

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