Friday, January 31, 2014

New Years Walk Ada's Perspective

On our walk today (see previous post for explanation), I gave Ada the camera and Emmerson the video cam and told them to document the walk - actually that is not what I said but it is what I meant - I probably said take pictures of stuff. So the following are visuals relating to what Ada thought was interesting on our walk. There are a few that I took - most obviously those that have Ada in them - and I will make note of these. The rest are Ada's.

The neighborhood that borders the Rockwell complex to the north - all the low rise buildings in the center of the picture. This is where we went for a walk. Ada took this from our floor while waiting for the elevator.

Our barbecue area in the apt complex.

They are washing our windows.

The small playground in our apt complex.

Pool in our complex - Ada took all these on the way out of our complex to get to the street.

The new apt building going up across from our place.

The street going into the neighborhood.

Street bingo.

Street bingo.

Not sure about this but it is what it is ... dyed chicks, yes, dyed chicks. Hopefully it wears off and they grow up to be healthy chickens to make a good adobe or sate.

Kids and chicks.

Colorful chicks for sale.

Live snails - should have bought some as you can just boil them in coconut milk and eat BUT a lot of this type of stuff on the streets comes from water that is really unpleasant ... unfortunately because these are ridiculously cheap and tasty.

Girls with a Jeepney

Ada captured this kitty in mid stride. 

Emmerson and rooster

Stores like this - you tell the lady what you want and she gets it for you - and a rooster.

Ada liked this place.

Ada's shot.

New construction.

My pic - dog peering out of his house.

Friggin horrifyingly unpleasant creek - and so much more so as we are well into the dry season. The wall to the right had lots of rats scurrying about.

Two of the rats.

This guy is always here. I run thru this neighborhood frequently and he is always perched on the sidewalk here keeping detailed accounts of something relating to numbers - not sure what he is up to.

Jeepney with the driver asleep.

Another Ada kitty.

Kids with another New Years chick.

Girls with roosters.

Ada and a rooster.

Girls and the bike taxis. 

Girls and the Pasuig River - which runs from an inland lagoon to Manila Bay.

Down on the river - low in the dry season.

Worker guys - typical attire - protected from dust, smog, sun, and whatever elements need protecting from.

Ada was very excited about capturing these little pups.

This guy was very "barky" so Ada took a pic.

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