Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Hong Kong: the Peak

The Peak is the iconic highpoint overlooking the city of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is an incredibly vertical city. I knew this but you don't really get the extent of its verticality until experienced. Unfortunately, it is difficult to capture verticalness in pictures - at least it is for me. It makes for a very unique urban landscape. The Peak is where the Brits and other well-to-do Hong Kongers retired to in the summer heat and humidity. The wealthy still maintain residents up on the hill top and it is probably the most visited tourist destination in the city. You can get their various ways but the most direct is by the 100 year old tram way. We waited about an hour in line to get the tram but it was a worthwhile excursion. Unfortunately, the visibility was not ideal, it was a sunny day but a layer of pollution or something compromised the clarity.

From the Peak, Hong Kong city cascading down the hillside to the harbor and Kowloon across the bay.

The tram on the way down - kind of show the steepness of the city.

Commercialism is rampant in Hong Kong and the Peak has plenty of it. That being said, as is evident throughout the city, green space is valued, protected and accessible. Several shopping plazas and restaurants share space with hiking and biking trails and scenic overlooks.

Accommodations on another high point near the Peak.

Green garden at one of the venues.

The boat looking thing is the Peak Terrace where for an extra fee you can have the "best view from the Peak". Quite a complex with all sorts of things to do.

A rooftop terrace garden on one of the buildings.

Final view of the overlook from the Peak.

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