Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Hong Kong: Animals

Hong Kong was not obviously a cat or dog city as many cities and towns are in Asia, but there were some street cats here and there. Dogs were mostly of the well kept on a leash variety - I did not see any street dogs.

Roof cat. Cat with a good vantage point in Soho, the area we walked down to get from the hotel in the midlevels down to the flats. 

Stit the lion guarding the HSBC building which upon its completion back in the 80's was the most expensive building ever constructed (since these things have been kept track of). I couldn't remember the names of the lions - named after the architects or owners - but Emmerson could. She just told me that Stit was the one with its mouth closed and Stephen has his mouth open. They have been around since the 1930's and are well known landmarks in HK. The left fore paw a bit shinier as it is a proverbial bronze public thing rubbed for good luck.

Not sure if all of these are bullet scars but supposedly, both Stephen and Stilt took some ordinance in the backside in WWII as HK was the site of some rather fierce fighting to control the important harbor. 


Creepily disproportioned polar bear at the Peak.

A sign addressing the monkey situation at King's Park in Kowloon. We did not see any.

Street, or should I say - park cats up near the top of King's Park. while we were passing by, two ladies were feeding and watering this clowder of cats.

Alicia led us on a walking tour of Kowloon and the area next to the flower street was the bird street. All sorts of birds for sale as pets and pet bird related paraphernalia. The one eating the guys finger could say "hello".

And nearby bird street was the pet fish area. An impressive arrangement of bagged fish at this establishment.

Bagged fish.

Fish in a bag.

While on my tangental walk thru Kowloon, we came across the HK cricket grounds and bowling greens. This kids play area was next to the complex. At first we didn't notice this guy and thought it was a random item left behind by some kids, but Ada saw it move at some point. We figured it was a pet of one of the people at the playground out for a sunbath.

Cool add in the airport.

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