Monday, December 19, 2016

Kitten Challenge

I am writing this in December. On break and attempting to update 6 months worth of life.

The kittens have been wonderful, but back in late August, Neko took us for our first spin of dealing with a sick pet. According to people in the know and eventually the vet, Neko was experiencing anxiety stress disorder. Who knew that sleeping, eating and playing could be stressful. Anyway, in young male cats it causes their urinary tract to become inflamed so Neko started peeing in random places and then stopped peeing at all. I had to lay awake at night as he sat near the litter box to see if he could pee. Finally took him to vet and he had to have a procedure to unblock. And then the fun began - to create a stress free environment for Neko - litter box on each floor of the house - preferably one for each cat, pheromone emitters plugged in at strategic parts of the house, ginormous cat tree, wet and dry special cat food, special kitty litter to make using the litter box a delight, and lots of attention and petting and such. It all has worked as Neko has not had any repeat episodes - thankfully, as it all resulted in me contracting anxiety stress disorder.

Sick kitty at the doctor. 

Poor Neko Kun. Trying to explain his name was interesting at least. 

Neko-kun wondering what the heck is going on. 

Girls showing their love.

And Po is in another whole category of needing help. We think she is just crazy but alright about it. 

She enjoys a good box, or any box, actually. 

"Po in a box"! That's what we announce whenever Po claims another box somewhere in the house.

And Ada showing Emmerson some love. She is always doing this and Emmerson seems to grump a bit but we think she really likes it. They continue to be wonderful sisters and best friends. 

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