Monday, December 19, 2016

AYSO - Good Times on the Pitch!

We got the girls into AYSO after a bit of rigamarole. Things fill up fast here in the burbs .... The girls are not travel team caliber as we did not get them into anything very competitive in Manila, but both have showed lots of improvement over the season and are really into playing. I know first hand via playing and coaching what it takes to be super competitive and my girls simply aren't there. I think both could have been competitive if we had got them involved in travel soccer and such but we opted not to. Emmerson might actually be able to break into soccer in high school if she keeps at it. She is strong and has a knack for going to goal but she simply lacks the skills learned via training with a travel team type of situation. She is also into running cross country and Ada is into dance and gymnastics, again both not in the uber competitive world that is typically necessary for them to continue in high school and beyond competitively but oh well. They enjoy and are learning and staying active.

Selfie with Ada before one of her games. 

After watching Ada's first game last year, I volunteered to help coach. But this year I just go to the games and try and keep my ridiculous competitiveness to a minimum and relax in a lawn chair and WOW is it difficult. But there are plenty of other parents vocalizing their competitiveness so no need to add to that scene. 

Ada and Emmerson Kool-aid deyed their hair. That and Ada's wake up Saturday morning hair done up in a 9 year old soccer appropriate hairdo resulted in this cool look. 

One of my favorites photos. 

Emmerson is actually pretty good. Loves to go to goal and is strong and aggressive but perhaps too nice. I think they learn to be "not nice" at travel soccer. I know no one reads this but if anyone ever wants to argue this point I have about 20 years of coaching it and 30 years of playing it - not bad sportsmanship but a different level of competitiveness and not all that nice ... 

Ada following the play from her defensive position. 


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