Sunday, August 14, 2016

Renaissance Fair ... 2016

Oh my oh my oh my ... commentary to come .... and due to the state of shock I was in much of the time, so Emmerson is going to assist with the comments. Emmerson opted to write in blue.

The theme for the Renaissance Fair was "steampunk" so a bunch of people dressed up like steampunks! The guy was dressed like a steampunk, but the girl was some kind of fox fairy. 

Yes, a Fox Fairy indeed and the theme for this particular Saturday at the Fair was steam punk, which I did not know existed as a genre until that day. Funny thing was that both Emmerson and Ada did - officially out of touch Dad .... actually, I fell out of touch a while back and every once in a while am blatantly reminded of this reality.

They had a contest to see who dressed up most like a steampunk and these were the winners. They all looked SO COOL in their steampunk costumes and really represented the theme! Three cheers for the  steampunks!

The four Renaissance looking folk in the middle were the MC's of the contest and the steampunk winners are lined up to the right and left. 

This is me dressed up in my Renaissance costume.

This is the parade they had...we got to see the queen and all of the dressed up workers! We saw the joust warriors too. 

Here is our joust knight and the "Maiden of Chivalry" she was like the host or the announcer of the joust. More pictures of the joust coming up!

Here are some of the Queen's servants or ladies or something like that. It was a really hot day, and the whole time that I was watching these people, I was imagining how hot the must be!!

Go knight Max! He is our joust knight. The crowd was split into sections and they were given a knight to cheer for. Our section's colors were black and yellow.


  Ada posing in front of the knight...looks pretty excited!!

    Our knight in full armor.

 Here is is! Revealing his face.

  Our knight really liked to joke around. 

                                                               Fight! Fight! Fight!
                                                               Joust! Joust! Joust!

Our knight won, but another knight declared a rematch. We didn't watch it but we hope we won!!

Creepy wood fairies. Or whatever they are ...

More creepy wood fairies.

Dancing at the Renaissance! 

We went to go get ice cream from this shop with a really long line...this is what we get!! 

I saw this place where you could bungee jump and I really wanted to try it out and we did!!

A closeup of the action

I did quite a few flips on this.

More steam punks. 

They had a contest and these were all the participants.

Here are some villagers singing about weird old timey stuff.

Actually, it was a recreation of a Maypole celebration day, but I like Emmerson's interpretation more. 

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