Saturday, August 20, 2016

At the Horses

We try and get to the track (Arlington International Park) at least once a summer. If you have not given it a visit, I suggest you do - and while betting at the tracks most likely does not come to mind when planning a day with the kids, it is quite family friendly. You can get their by car or train and it is not a bank buster like many family days have unfortunately become. Two dollar minimum bet and good chance to win if you bet to show.

Conveniently located in the vicinity of the track is Mitsuwa (formerly Yaohan) Plaza. I have a long history with this establishment going back to grad school when I wrote my seminar paper on Yaohan and the Japanese community living in the NW suburbs. So its always nice to get back there, shop for some Japanese essentials, and have lunch in the food court. Here the girls are enjoying some ramen and ikura (salmon roe) with rice. 

At the track on the lower level free seats. One does need to pay for the upper deck seats but when it is not crowded, they do not seem to mind if you go and watch a race or two from that perspective. 

Girls with the track in the back.

These are the upper deck seats which can be reserved most likely for big events. 

The bugler just finishing first call for one of the races. She added a bit of improv to the traditional call for a few races which was neat to hear. 

Horses coming out to the paddock exit in response to first call. Each of the race horses has an escort which attends them to the starting blocks. 

Good spot to watch the race from.

Winning horse with jockey and owners after the official winner photo shoot.
Ada won $$ in two races and Emmerson in one. We always bet to show, which means your horse has to place in the top three. None of my bets placed. We usually pick the horses by their names which are typically quite unique and creative.

Happy Emmerson!

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