Monday, November 16, 2015

Tis the Season!

On the "Welcome to Elmhurst" sign it sates that they are the "tree city". So, yes, leaves play a significant role among the lives of the residents right about now. I did a massive rake last week and dutifully laid out on the curb all the leaf bags on Thursday night for a Friday morning pickup - our garbage day here in tree city. But they were left behind as of course in tree city they have a celebratory day when all the leaves get picked up. So after another massive rake today, I have got about 15 leaf bags which will have to wait until December 2, which is official leaf pick up day. Most likely by this time, my bags of leaves will be wet and perhaps frozen but hopefully the leaf picker upper guys will be in the spirit of the day and gather up my tree city leaves.

This was one of 8 gianormous piles of leaves that I left for the girls to participate in a bit of Americana. The neighbor girls joined in and eventually, American girl dolls were included and it was a solid afternoon.

Ada testing the pile. She was not sure if she could wear shorts as to the wetness of the leaves but I had raked the pile yesterday so it was adequately dry. The temperature is amazing, November 15 and full on in the 60's/70's. 

Emmerson landing after being in full flight into the pile. 

Touchdown Emmerosn.

Ada airborne - nice style points for Ada. 

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