Monday, November 16, 2015

Halloween Time!

Ada in her brideoffrankensteinzombieprincesswife costume.  This was at their school festival where they have all sorts of events and activities set up in each classroom and have lots of other things going on to raise money for this and that. Quite and impressive array of items up for the raffles.

Ada ready for some hoola hooping zombie princes fun.

Emmerson on the left in a really creepy "mysterious skeleton vampire something or other". Her new tree city friend is Sofi and I believe she was "death" ... nice feel good costumes all around. What ever happened to dressing as a hobo as I and all my friends did for years .. actually, in my now more adult socially just role as an educator, I realize/have been informed that being a "hobo" is taboo as the term relates to a period of US history when the down and out drifters were referred to this apparently derogatory name. 

Shiver .... scariest of halloween costumes - the American Girls Dolls. I have never been a fan of human recreations in the doll format. 

Ducky!!!! Oh , yes, Ducky is still very much alive and kicking minus a wing or two. Ada opted for the mummy costume for the Ducky this year!

Girls in the zone - we went back to our old neighborhood in Brookfield as the girls know more girls from there as to here. Brookfield is nice and densely populated old school bungalows so you can be very efficient with your trick or treating. 

They do this every year - solid commitment. 

And here we go ... one of my geo kids dressed head to toe in full on German leiderhosen fare.  He was dressed for Octoberfest which buts up nicely against Halloween. I love it when students pull of stuff like this. He is German but has lived in various parts of the world as his dad is a diplomat and is very involved in the German club at school. 

Po in a box!

Neko laying on top of Po in a box! Anything left on the floor they claim by laying in/on it. 

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