Thursday, May 01, 2014

Hong Kong Revisited

After Boracay we headed off to Hong Kong. We stayed in the same place as Christmas, up in the mid-levels at the Bishop Lei hotel. The first day we walked around the downtown area and headed up to the peak. This time, at the peak, we took advantage of one of the many walking options that take you beyond the retail complex and provide a different perspective to the area. I very much enjoy HK as public transport is relatively cheap and accessible making it easy to get around; there is a nice mix of the historical and contemporary and a unique mix of cultures. The second day we headed off to HK Disneyland and the third day across the bay to Kowloon. The following are of day one.

Nana and the girls on the travelator - no "    " needed as that is the actual name for the device. It takes people from the midlevels, which is primarily residential and non basic sector service businesses, down to the lowland Central Business District.

Down in the CBD outside the HSBC bank building in front of Stitch or Stephen the lion - not sure which. They were sculpted back in the 30's and survived WWII and show signs of the ordeal as both are riddled with scars from ordinance flak.

View from the tram on its way down from the Peak.

And a tram on the way up.

Went for a run at the end of this day which was quite interesting. I ran up in the midlevels so it was basically going up or down which made for a bit of an erratic pace. Part of the run was up these stairs which parallel the tram tracks for pedestrians making their way up and down the vertical reality of HK.

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