Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Boracay Parasail Emmerson and Mommy

All along the beach their are fellows offering all sorts of things to do, basically, whatever you want to do that is tropical island related, they can hook you up. Alicia and Emmerson wanted to parasail so we got them to hook us up. It involved some monetary transactions and then a meeting place at an agreed upon time followed by a walk to a certain destination at which we would meet another party that would transport us out to another destination where we would again transfer to the event - which was the parasailing speedboat. Really fun for Alicia and Emmerson to do together and cool for Ada Mom and I to watch from the boat.

Nana and Emmerson on the way out. We had to be transferred to a speed boat in order to do the parasail. This is the speedboat. Note Nana's "no sun is going to get me" attire. My attire these days is much the same - full on long sleeve swim shirt - giant hat and long shorts. 

Emmerson all strapped up and ready to go. Ada not only had no desire to go but was not all that enthusiastic about the boat ride out - bit more reserved than Emmerson.

Emmerson and Mommy on the out.

And up ...

.... up

....up ....

... and there they go, 300 meters up in the Boracay sky.

One of my favorite photos from the trip. Workers avoid the sun like the plague. It was easily in the 90's in the sun and these gus were certainly in the sun all day long. In the States the huge amount of clothing would be odd. Here it is the norm. They simply are protecting there bodies from the sun, literally. Fully clothed, no sun. The face, in particular is protected - thus the cool looking masks you can buy - it has become a commercial enterprise - face protecting masks. 

Emmerson out and facemask man, helping Alicia out of the parasail.

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