Sunday, March 23, 2014

Apocalypse Now Redux Part ....

I chaperoned the 9th graders on their overnight geography field trip. We went to the Lagunas area, a huge inland lagoon about 60 miles SE of Manila. The Splash Mountain Hotel provided our accommodations and each day different groups of students shared their time between the Makiling Forest Preserve, the town of Pagsanjan and the rural area of Magdalena. Students investigated each area relating to various concepts learned in geo class back at ISM. I went to the forest on day one, which was fabulous, old growth, primary tropical forest sprawling down the side of a dormant volcano. It is a watershed for the surrounding community and serves as the research center for various universities. The second day, I went on a recon mission up the river where Apocalypse Now was filmed - the scene when the crew ventured into the area where Marlon Brando had gone native. No way Vietnam was going to be open to filming back when the movie was made so much of it was done in the US friendly Philippines. Interesting how politics/history makes its impact on our world in so many unexpected pockets. Will take me a while to get all the photos and relating stories up but here is a start.

These are all from the Apocalypse Now Recon river trip.

Beginning of the mission. Mr. X ready to embark on the recon mission. Mr. Fellow in Orange, our local contact.

Buffalo?? Perhaps, perhaps....

Buffalo and accomplice.

Mr. Fellow in Orange taking us in ...

Going in!

What we do for the cause - full on recon...... 

Random local kid swimming - I think not. 

Brando territory.

Full on into it.

The "Waterfall"

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