Sunday, March 02, 2014

Krispy Kreme Excitement in the Fort

We received a Krispy Kreme certificate for some free goods from the Battle of the Bands promotions team. Whilst its popularity and power in the fried confections market in the States has waned, Krispy Kreme remains a popular item here in Manila and occupies some prime real estate - one address being in "the Fort", the swank, new neighborhood that has been built up around the area where my school has existed for quite a while (indeed, for years, it and the Japan and Brit schools were the only significant institutions in the Fort - land once owned and occupied by the US military). I still am on a Krispy Kreme ethical boycott - actually its more the fact that I have never eaten a KK donut and now see it as a streak if you will, and breaking it might result in certain things .... but the girls have no such dilemma to deal with so will gleefully eat the confections when gifted the opportunity. One of the promotions was for the customer to "create their own donut". I believed this to mean that one would be able to ask for different toppings and such to be included on their donut of choice. But to our surprise and delight it actually involved us donning KK official employee hats, going back into the production room and making a chocolate glazed, sprinkled donut. The following document our experience.

In the production room getting ready to glaze and sprinkle.

Sprinkle bin - Ada was not a big fan of the gloves.

Sprinkling - for those who could not figure that out.

Ada, maxing out the surface space.

Surface space maxed.

Ada showing Emmerson how to maximize surface space.

Skills ... not quite sure how Alicia got in on all of this.

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