Friday, March 11, 2005

Jakarta Baby

Tiny Baby at a Big Temple

 Tiny Baby in a Big Bed

Tiny Baby in the Bamboo

Tiny Baby in Bali

Tiny Baby with the Band

Tiny Baby in the Monkey Forest

Tiny Baby

The baby I have been involved in having made her debut early in the a.m. on Sunday, February 28th. The details of Emmerson Corinne's premier can be read here if curious about such an experience.


Shan said...

hi. great blog. enjoyed reading it and excelent pictures too. good stuff.

Darrick said...

Hi, just found your blog. Congrats on the baby.

Great stories, very interesting coz I'm planning on going back to Jakarta. U live in Kelapa Gading by any chance?

IndoIan said...

Thanks for taking a look at my stories and pictures. I hope to have some new posts soon - once I get this baby thing a bit more under control.

Darrick said...

hehe... it'll take awhile to get anything under control with a new baby. I've got a 2.5 yr old, and life is hardly under control :)

Don't think you'll be able to watch those late night football 'siaran langsung' for awhile :)

echa said...

great pic

Avi said...

fella's, I am in JKT and live in KG too. you still around ian? I take care of triplets bro so I can understnd that you are too busy to update. check out my blog too.

jock said...


Do you know where I can buy car booster seats for my babies who are spending a month in Java next month.

IndoIan said...

Hi Jock,
A few things to consider about traveling with babies in Indo. In Jakarta there are many stores that do sell baby car seats. Most of the major malls would have at least one such store. I know for certain that both Mall Artha Gading and Mall Kelapa Gading have them. Many are imported and priced equal to what you would expect to pay in Australia, Europe, etc. But many of the cars are not equipped with back seat safety belts. So make sure that the car you plan to use has them.

I suggest contacting some people you know in Indo (if an option) and see if they know of anyone who has a seat you can borrow. Thast how we got ours!

Good luck and if you have any specific concerns let me know.