Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Further Adventures of Pixie the Roof Cat

“I think your cat just fell through the ceiling of my classroom”. Not a comment you hear everyday, especially while at school and certainly not what I expected to hear when the music teacher walked through my door. I went to investigate and sure enough, there was Pixie being consoled by the admissions director who, fortunately, is one of the main violators of the “no cats on campus” rule that exists at school (see “Pixie the Roof Cat” post from Saturday, October 16, 2004 for more details). She was quite freaked out, Pixie, not the administrator, but was otherwise unharmed. Apparently, Pixie has found a way to get into the crawl space between the hung ceilings and the actual roof of the buildings here at campus and today ventured onto a ceiling tile that could not hold her weight (perhaps she needs to go back to life on the streets for a bit and regain her svelte figure). The music teacher heard a loud crash in the practice room and went to see what was responsible for the disturbance. Imagine his surprise when he saw Pixie standing on the floor amongst various percussion instruments. All involved are fine, just a bit shaken up, especially the music teacher. Hopefully, Pixie has learned a lesson and will curtail her rooftop activities to less precarious situations.


Nettie said...

Poor Pixie!

aangirfan said...

Love your blog and your photos.