Sunday, January 03, 2016

Christmas Traditions

Kittens in a box! Po and Neko Kun enjoying some time in the dress up bin. 

Po going solo.

We have made it a tradition to buy our Christmas tree on the way home from Freeport at a charity tree sale in La Grange. That evening Alicia and the girls get busy with decorating. Typically I do the outside lighting which was rather skimpy this year as I could not find the lights from our move this summer but did include a bit more shrubbery of the evergreen variety, which I like.

 Our first Christmas tree in a few years as we just had a little make believe on in our apartment in Manila. 

Emmerson as the grumpy in - keeper in the Christmas pageant. 

Ada figuring out which way her sheep prop goes - she got it sorted out and did a nice trio of animals reading.

Emmerson in her natural environment - producing treats.

Miss Randy, our friend from ISM, was in town and is a stellar baker so she and Alicia and the girls spent the day making a mess ... of cookies.

One batch complete.

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