Saturday, August 15, 2015

Morton of the "Salt" Morton Arboreteum

Interesting that a Chicago salt baron would establish an expansive arboretum but that is exactly what Joy Morton did back in the early 1920's. It is a neat expanse of landscaped trees and gardens along with various special exhibitions. It is not cheap but a nice way to spend some time outdoors once in a bit. We went when the Lego exhibition was on which was quite fanciful. Also, Alicia was having a conference there so we got to see her for lunch. Nice day.

Ada showing her big sissy some love. I let them make "whatever" sandwiches for the picnic which end up to be heavy with gold fish and peanut butter and honey and Emmerson manages to cram an Oreo or two if we have them into the creation. 

Sure are getting lanky. 

The lego creations.


Super cool tree that has branches that grow from very low on the trunk and thus make the tree like a cave or a tent. You can actually "enter" into the tree. 

Entrance into the tree. I am watching the movie "Orca", circa 1977,  right now whilst I write this and it is really weird. 

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