Thursday, June 05, 2014

Reactionary Activity

I lost lots of images due to changes in technology and such. Basically, back in the day, in order to store images and make them internet worthy, we had to purchase a web presence which we affectionately called It was a hassle and a time consuming process to make images uploadable to a blog back then but as technology improved, we no longer needed to use the and thus it was sold off for scrap in the internet and all of my images uploaded during that time disappeared from indoian. So I am in the process of reuploading the images for the blog. It is 6 years of images so will take a while and I began in the beginning - 2004 so will take a while to get to the more recent posts. Here is a retro image that disappeared and has now reappeared - thank you technology people.

Bajaj driver in Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, Java, Indonesia - miss this place ... 

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