Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Jakarta Identity Crisis

Who’s your daddy?

One of Emmerson’s favourite words is “daddy”. She points to me and says daddy. Sometimes she even does a bit of a chant or draws out the word real long while pointing at me. It makes me feel good. But recently I have noticed that the word daddy isn’t just reserved for me. She also says daddy while pointing to various objects. What a smart girl! Already making associations! Or so I thought until today. All sorts of summer construction projects are taking place on campus. Alicia told me that yesterday she met up with Wayan walking Emmerson around the campus. Emmerson was pointing to all the workers saying “daddy”. Today at the supermarket she called a guy stocking the shelf “daddy”.



We went to Rangunan Zoo this morning and spent all of our time in the primate section. I recommend a trip if you are looking for something to do in Jakarta. The orang-utans definitely stole the show. I can’t speak for the rest of the zoo but the primate area was quite entertaining and interesting. Emmerson can now make animal noises. She’s got dog, cat, sheep, cow, horse, frog, and elephant down pat. Apparently she wasn’t quite prepared for what she would find at the zoo. But she gave it a shot. The big ones got the dog sound and the smaller the cat.

Nice puppies.

Another of Emmerson’s favourite words is ball. I wrote previously about the impact balls have on her life. It has not abated. In celebration of the World Cup, the Sport Mall has erected a 20 foot pyramid of soccer balls standing in the lobby. Emmerson almost had a conniption when she saw it for the first time. She proceeded to walk around the structure patting random soccer balls while keeping up a steady chant of “ball, ball”. Recently she began saying “ball” and pointing into space while in the street, while driving, in a clothing store – places where balls simply don’t exist. Apparently she has a rather broad definition of the word “ball” to include pretty much any somewhat spherical object: apple – “baaallll”; balloon – “baaaallll”; ornamental vase – “baaaallll”; black and white striped curb (soccer ball??) – “baaalll”.


So if you ever see a little blonde girl tugging on a random Indonesian guys pants saying daddy while pointing into space yelling ball - thats my girl!


treespotter said...

ian, go to the safari park, at the baby zoo section you can play with the orangutans. Serious fun!!

Sharon said...

Hello Mr. Duell!!
Thank you very much for posting on both of my crazy blogs...i got really excited when i saw that i had coments, and it was great hearing from you! As for you daughter calling everyone least she is always thinking of you!! haha.

As for Africa, yes i will have fun, but i am i am certain you well know, us wheaton kids get nervous outside of our "sphere of influence" ie the midwest. I am just looking forward to doing something differetn! I have a lot of friends going into the peace corps this year, as well as some friends who got Fulbright scholarships (one of them will be in Thailand actually!) So i am just one of many who sets out on an adventure in a foreign country soon.

My home base is Kampala, but i will be traveling a lot while i am there (I get to go to Rwanda! One of my prof's is trying to get me to visit Sudan, but i dont currently have a death wish so we shall see about that haha). uganda has the highest primate population in the world, so i am very excited about seeing some silverback gorillas!

Do you and Mrs. Duell have any idea when you might perhaps be visiting the US again? Perhaps we could meet for coffee, or other such beverages if you are in the chi-town area ever again at the same time as I.

Thanks again, and have a good evening, or day...all i know that is that it's tomorrow where you are haha!

Sharon said...

Hello Mr. Duell-
I am sorry i am being kinda stalker-ish and posting again, but I was just looking on the Fulbright Scholarships page today, to see if there were any teaching English positions that i was eligible for, and I think I am going to apply to one in Indonesia. The award does not state where I would be located, and I know Indonesia is a large country, but I just thought you might find it interesting! However I do have to get back to work now, but have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Mr. Duell! This is Katy Rudolphy. It's so cute how your daughter is growing up and observing the world around her. Congratulations to both you and your wife!

This is kind of a strange request but I was wondering if it would be possible to pay you to send a jar of Sambal Oelek here to me in the United States. The only brand that I can find here and online is the Huy Fong brand, which isn't as good as other brands. Here is my email address ( if you would be willing to help out. Thanks!