Thursday, April 20, 2006

Jakarta Ball Baby

Emmerson with her ball

Emmerson's favorite object of late is the ball. Any round shape engages her attention and results in a chorus of "ball, ball!" We went to the Sport Mall the other day for a walk about. The Sport Mall, where "Shopping is sport",(see previous entry Jakarta Mall)inspires not only hard core shopping but houses a large arena that hosts various events including basketball. Upon arrival at the mall we went upstairs to the arena where there were a bunch of guys practicing. Emmerson went crazy and began her ball mantra. One of the guys heard and rolled a basketball to her. She patted it and then crawled onto the court. I scooped her up and took her out of the arena back into the mall. When I put her down she immediately did an about face and headed back towards the arena chanting "ball, ball". I picked her up again and carried her squirming and grumping back into the mall. When I finally put her down she made a bee line back to the arena. So I picked her up and carried her downstairs to the supermarket hoping that the distance and the attraction of the supermarket would make her forget about the balls. Wishful thinking; when I put her down and she got her bearings she began trying to make her way back to the arena. Finally I put her in a shopping cart and gave her an orange. She grumped a bit so I took her out of the cart. She took the orange, tried to bounce it on the floor and then pointed at the forlorn orange and said "ball, ball".

Stalking another ball in Bali.

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Maya said...

She's so sportif :-) maybe she'll be a ball player when she grows up...