Thursday, December 16, 2004

Jakarta Christmas

Bali, Indonesia Tropical Sunset: Merry Christmas

Pelabuhanratu, Indonesia Quiet Cove: Happy New Year

We live in a gated community here in Jakarta. Security guards check cars in and out of the development. The other day one of the guards was wearing a full on Santa suit complete with hat and beard. It is now being enthusiastically passed among the guards so every shift has one of the guys dressed as Santa. Great outfit for the tropics.

Yesterday as I was out and about in Jakarta traffic Christmas shopping I came across one of the toll road traffic vendors selling a curious item. At times, actually most of the time, actually all the time, certain parts of the toll road come to a standstill. Vendors wander through the lines of cars hawking various products - mostly food - but every once in a while other wares are available. Perhaps it is the Christmas season but yesterday there seemed to be an inordinate number of non food items making there way through the traffic. There was globe guy and music man but it was the fellow selling blow up animals that caught my attention. He had a giant inflated penguin with the word "dolphin" emblazoned across its side. If traffic had not started up again someone would have been getting a very cool Christmas present.

I am off to Malaysia and Singapore for holiday. Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Duell-
Hope you and Mrs. Duell and your baby are doing OK after the terrible Tsunami/ earthquake. Please stay safe and helthy
~Sharon Wegner

Anonymous said...

hi sharon,

we are all well. we spent the holidays in malaysia and singapore in areas that were not affected physically by the tsunami. yesterday we returned to Jakarta and are waiting to see how this event will impact the country as a whole. hopefully this event will bring much needed attention to parts of the world that are in desperate need of development. will let you know what is going on as events unfold. take care and be good.

Anonymous said...

Thats good to hear, i was getting nervous...

Anonymous said...

Hi Ian, Blast from the past... and greetings from Vermont. Glad to know that you and your lovely wife are well. Congratulations on the upcoming baby Duell. Jenny

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny, Quite the blast from the past. Thanks for the greeting and best wishes - will be an interesting couple months coming up here. Nice to hear from you. Hope all is well in Vermont. Ian

'ka said...

all the pictures taken and the stories you told make me miss home so much now... enjoy your stay in indonesia... and congrats w/ the baby!